Flatop in an office situation

Raising your keyboard to be level with your fingers, wrist, and arm for faster, more comfortable, ergonomic typing

Flatop mimics a laptop typing experience of having your fingers level with the keyboard, but additionally offers comfortable support for the entire width of the keyboard.  Flatop's 1" x 17" shelf will raise thin keyboards (like Apple) and most thick keyboards.

Turn Flatop around, and gamers will have the same level experience with a 3/4" high pad.

You can now type ergonomically so your shoulders are relaxed with your lower arm, wrist and fingers level with your keyboard.


For TRAY PULLOUTS or LIMITED DESK SPACE, try FLATOP "short" - 3 1/4" deep

Royal Blue sits below your numerical keys where a mouse can be placed, while silver gray sits below your alphabetical keys.

FLATOP supports the efforts and legislation for the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

We hope that we've provided a site and product that enables your viewing, study, and use.

We would like FLATOP to enhance your life while you work on your computer, specifically to firmly hold your keyboard so you can trust it won't move.  A firm rubber shelf holds the keyboard in place while 7" x 17" of polyurethane rubber comfortably supports your wrist and lower arm.  Your fingers will be horizontal and level with your wrist and lower arm.  This isolates your fingers so that only finger muscles type, leaving your wrists, lower arms, and shoulders to be relaxed.



Amazon.com is the exclusive seller of FLATOP in the United States.  For Canada, Mexico, and most of Europe, go to your territorial Amazon site.




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